1. What Is Fanbase?

Easy / 1 min

Fanbase is a free-to-download, free-to-use social media network, that enables anyone to fully monetize their content via subscription variable subscription prices ranging from $2.99- $99.99 a month. Subscriptions give you exclusive access to images, audio chat rooms, short-form content, and long-form content, such as podcasts, docu-series, movies, and more, all while being free to download with no content suppression that older applications employ. Users can also put their content behind a paywall as well. Fanbase utilizes virtual currency known as “Love” and users can give “loves” on any type of content on Fanbase. This allows everyone to profit from their creative work rather than the other way around.

Fanbase is the innovator of the subscription-based model, “microcasting,” where the user shares the content directly with their Fanbase, which puts microcast and monetization potential at the forefront for the benefit of all users, redefining monetized creative.