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What is Fanbase?

Fanbase is the newest social media app that allows you to post photos and videos while monetizing your content. With Fanbase, you can create your own channel for free and build a fanbase from the go, or subscribe to exclusive content for $3.99 a month.

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Is Fanbase for celebrities only?

Fanbase is for everyone. We’re all about diversity and talent. What’re you waiting for? Create an account, post exclusive content, and start earning revenue from subscribers today.

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What type of content is allowed?

You can post photos, 30 second videos and 10 second stories. You can also post those photos and videos as exclusive for subscribers as long as it’s content you create. Posting someone else’s content or content that doesn’t belong to you, will be flagged and taken down.

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Is X-rated or pornographic content allowed?

No. X-rated or pornographic content as well as violent or any other content that violates our terms of service, will be flagged and taken down. Repeated violations will result in account suspension and/or termination.

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Is Fanbase available on iOS and Android?

Yes! Fanbase is available in Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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Is Fanbase available outside the US?

It is! we are available in 170+ countries on both App (iOS) and Play (Android) Stores!

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Can I change my date of birth?

No, dates of birth cannot be changed directly through the app.

If you want to request a change, open a new ticket by shaking your phone or send us an email to support@fanbase.app. You’ll need to provide a picture of a valid government ID and the username or email linked to your account.

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I can’t log in to my account. What do I do?

If you can’t remember your password, proceed to the “forgot password” option in login and recover it with your email address. If you are still having issues, please email support@fanbase.app from the same email you signed up with so we can help you get back into your account.

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What happens if I block someone?

Blocked users won’t be able to see your profile nor contact you through any of the Fanbase verticals. We take user privacy and protection very seriously so if you still have concerns after blocking a user please reach out to support@fanbase.app

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Will users be notified if I block them?

Blocked users won’t get notified they’ve been blocked.

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How does revenue works? 

In order to get paid every month, you’ll need to accumulate at least $50 and have your Revenue Profile complete. This is the only way to earn money on Fanbase!

To complete your Revenue Profile:

  1. Head over to Settings and scroll all the way down to Revenue Profile.
  2. There you’ll need to add your personal information and a bank account or debit card. Bear in mind, we do not keep any private information, and all data is exclusively handled by a secure third-party payment gateway. All info gathered allows us to pay out users and issue appropriate tax returns.

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How much revenue do I earn?

You can earn as much as you want! Sky is the limit. Fanbase splits all revenue earned 50/50 with you and deposits it directly into your bank account the first of every month after having met the minimum $50. Your revenue does not expire and it accumulates month by month.

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When do I get paid?

All payments go out on the 1st of every subsequent month when you reach $50, but we do have exceptions on holidays or weekends as the payment might come right after these. It can take up to 48 hours for the payments to be processed. If you are being paid for the first time, it might take up to 7 days due to first-time required validations.

Bear in mind: you can’t cash up money inside the app! All buyings are done through in-app purchases. Payments, however, are done externally, so your billing profile must be updated. You can update your billing profile inside your profile settings.

You can also always keep track of your revenue in your revenue dashboard, which is located in a tab inside the notification’s section.

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What are the accepted payout methods for the US?

Here you’ll find all accepted payment methods for us to pay you. Requirements varies between countries so please make sure to reach out to support@fanbase.app if you have any questions about your country and how you can get paid. 

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How do I replace my billing information?

If you need to replace your billing profile, simply tap on the card image on your profile and you’ll be able to complete it with new information. If you want to delete all of it and remove your billing profile, we can do that for you. Be aware, however, that deleting your billing data will unable any payment.

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Will I have to pay taxes on the money I make from Fanbase?

Because we handle payment through a secure 3rd party gateway, you will be receiving a 1099 or 1099-misc at the end of the year so you can properly report your earnings. 

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What are the requirements to upload a video on Fanbase+?

To upload a video in FB+ from mobile, your video must be at least 1 minute and filmed in the landscape format. Videos can be up to 15 minutes long. From desktop (signin in and going to your profile under FB+ Tab) the video can be from 1 minute up to 60 minutes.

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How do subscriptions packages work?

Subscriptions work in packages, so you can either have packs of 1, 3, or 5 subscriptions. Bear in mind they can’t be accumulated.

Subscriptions are monthly, meaning you can’t subscribe to a user and unsubscribe the next day and free that subscription slot. If you have used all your subscriptions and would like to subscribe to somebody else, you have to upgrade your package or unsubscribe to one of your current subscriptions and wait until the subscription period is over.

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What are Loves and what’s the difference with Big Loves?

On Fanbase you can either like or love a post. What’s the difference? Likes are free whereas Loves give the content creator 1 penny per loved post. It’s basically your way of showing appreciation and donating to the content creator. A Big Love, on the other hand, consists of multiple Loves: 100, 500 or 1000 Loves in one action.

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