Easy / 1 min

For those of you, who are ready to leave Tiktok behind, but don’t want to see all of your content go to waste- I have a solution for you! You can now import your entire TikTok right on over to Fanbase!

Here’s how it works.


1.) First go to your settings, which is located on your profile page in the top right corner

2.)Scroll down and select the option “Import Content” from TikTok

3.) Copy the grey link located on the page.

4.)Paste the link in your Tiktok bio in the Tiktok App

5.) Go back to the page where you copied the grey link from

5.) Type in  your username where directed 

6.) Check the question “what do you want to move?”. Click the options that you want to migrate: profile/content

7.) Press “Continue” 

It’s that easy!

(P.S Don’t remove the grey link from your Tiktok bio, till your migration is completed.)

We are super excited to have you on Fanbase 

So bring all your followers to your Fanbase and even get discovered by some new ones!