6. Migrating Your Content

Easy / 1 min

Migration 🚀

Got all your content on TikTok and Instagram? Worried about starting from scratch on a new platform? No sweat! Fanbase has your back.

Easy Content Migration

Head to your profile, tap the settings button in the upper-right corner, and you’ll see options to import your content from TikTok and Instagram!

Why This Rocks

This feature keeps your content on those platforms while also moving it to Fanbase. It’s a great backup plan in case anything happens to your other accounts.

Important Note

  • One-Time Deal: This migration process can only be used once. Once you request Fanbase to migrate your content from TikTok or Instagram, that’s it.
  • Not Synced: After migration, your Fanbase profile won’t automatically update with new posts from IG or TikTok. Fanbase is its own platform and isn’t synced with IG or TikTok.

Ready to make the move? Give it a try and bring all your awesome content over to Fanbase! 🌟