7. Verticals

Easy / 1 min

All Your Content in One Place with Fanbase! 📲

Ever wish you could post all your content in one spot while still enjoying the features of other platforms? Say hello to Fanbase!

6 Cool Ways to Create Content

  1. Main Feed: Post your images and videos (up to 1 minute) for your followers to enjoy.
  2. Stories: Share 60-second images or videos that stay up for 24 hours.
  3. Live: Go live so people can see and hear you in real-time, and chat with you as you do your thing.
  4. Flickz: Love quick clips? Create short-form videos up to 2 minutes long with lots of creative layers.
  5. FB+: Are you into long-form content? Upload up to 2 hours of high-quality horizontal video content.
  6. Fanbase Audio: Start conversations in audio rooms, talk about anything, and earn money while doing so!

Fanbase has everything you need to keep your content fresh and engaging, all in one place! 🎉