How do I give Love and Big Love in Fanbase?

Easy / 1 min

Want to show your favorite users some LOVE on Fanbase?

 You can support anyone using LOVE how by tapping on the love icon on any post audio room or live broadcast.

 But what is LOVE exactly? LOVE is different from likes which are free, but  LOVES are a paid way to support anyone on Fanbase. Each LOVE you give users earn half a penny and they add up fast. 

You can buy packs of love from the love store at the top of the home screen in the right hand corner by pressing the LOVE icon. LOVE packs range from 

100 LOVE- $0.99

500 LOVE- $4.99

1,00 LOVE- $9.99

2,500 LOVE- $23.99

10,000 LOVE- $89.99

25,000 LOVE- $219.99

Give LOVE one at a time or give big love, which is 100, 500, or 1000 LOVES in one action. 

LOVE can also be used to unlock exclusive posts one at a time. 

Your LOVE, your choice, start showing some LOVE on Fanbase today. 

Be you without limits.