How to get discovered on Fanbase

Easy / 2 min

To be featured on social media is a creator’s wildest dream. To stand out is even better. Fanbase does not have an algorithm and so to stand out is the responsibility of your creativity. In the video above, Queen Kymarah breaks down how to get discovered on Fanbase.

3.) Have Clear Camera Quality

It’s nothing less than a tragedy when a creator records a dope piece of content, but is unwatchable because of the shotty camera quality, which leaves it unwatchable.¬† Make sure that before you record, your camera is in focus and stable.

2.) Time

Make sure your video is not too long. Short, sweet, and simple should be the motto. Nobody wants to be put to sleep while watching your content. You don’t need to make Lord of the rings¬†.

1.) Make what you know

Be you with your content. Nothing stands out more than your personal style and the content that matches it. At Fanbase our motto is, “Everyone is a fan of something and everyone has a Fanbase”. There are going to be people who will want to see whatever you are creating and will pay to do so. So don’t marginalize yourself. Yes, informative and comedic videos typically tend to do better but do whatever you want to build up your own brand. The results will show for themselves.



Now that we are done, go out and create all the content you want for whomever you want. Just remember that,


“Everyone is a fan of something and everyone has a Fanbase”.


See you soon!