LinkTree Intergration now on Fanbase!

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Exciting news for Fanbase Family!


Share your Linktree from your Fanbase account!

Linktree provides space for each and every one of you. It brings together all the content you produce, collect, and distribute across the internet, reuniting it in a single location – your personal Linktree. Our latest update introduces seamless integration with LinkTree. Now, managing your online presence is easier than ever. To get started, simply access the Settings icon on your Fanbase profile page, and select “Add to my Link Tree.” This streamlined process will automatically populate your LinkTree with the Fanbase link. Whether you’re using the app or the web version, the integration works flawlessly, ensuring your followers can easily access your Fanbase content. Don’t wait – test it for yourself! . Enjoy your enhanced connectivity with your tribe!



What is Fanbase,

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