Make Money On Subscriptions Now!

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The subscription business model is not brand-new, it has been a mainstay of businesses including publishing, film companies, TV channels, and more.

However, subscriptions have had a little revival in recent years. It would be difficult to find an industry that hasn’t had at least one subscription success story. Even food delivery services have a subscription model.

Fanbase is pioneering user-to-user subscription, otherwise known as, microcasting. With everything being subscribable, how do you take advantage of subscription capability?

The act of creating outstanding content that their audience would enjoy is something that creators are enthusiastic about. However, you must generate income if you hope to pursue your full-time passion of being a content creator.

But what comes with a content creator subscription on Fanbase?
Access to exclusive content – exclusive photos, videos, podcasts, and any other forms of content. This circumvents the paywall for content so that you now have access to all of the creator’s content.
Make your page work for you.
It’s all about the creativity you put into your content. Informative and comedic videos typically do better.

Go out and do what you do best and CREATE!